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If you find yourself having issues with art, contact us for us to make it right. Art can be a pain sometimes but we’ve got experienced professionals who can handle it all for you.

Email our art department at info@theshirtaddicts.com


Even though we can work with any high resolution image you send our way, we prefer vector graphics, generally illustrator or pdf files. If you’re sending us a Raster file (generally .psd, .jpg, .png, etc) please note the “RASTER TIPS” section. We use ADOBE CC products. If you are using COREL products, or freeware (GIMP / INKSCAPE), please keep in mind to export it as one of the files above.


For any fonts embedded in your art work, we generally tell our customers to outline their fonts. This makes it easy for us to work on the file rather than sedarching endlessly for the file or bothering you guys about it! As silly as this sounds, a simple font can set back an entire order. Please be aware of outlining your fonts so we can prevent missing your deadlines, as these issues can be time consuming for the printing process. Check out this video that can help avoid some of those issues.

If you’re in PSD, simply right click your text layer (in your layer panel) and select “Rasterize Layer.”

Please specify PANTONE COLORS when necessary, we will try our best to match your exact tone. If you have some sort of Branding Guide please make sure to make that available to us, or if we’ve created your branding, we can pull it up from a previous file.

When selecting your colors, please make sure you have the most update PANTONE SOLID COLOR book pallet to avoid choosing the wrong color.
Be aware that Panton Colors can differ when comparing real life to digital colors.

We always prefer the largest raw file possible. Meaning that if you or your designer worked on the art, have them send the native file on which they were creating this art, no matter what program it was. We have the technology available to us for all sorts of files to be handled.


(.ai, .eps or .pdf)

Please DO NOT SEND US FILES WITH CLIPPING MASKS, they bother us. But seriously, when working with clipping masks it delays the process of moving it to the print floor because of the mess it creates. Try simplifying your design with the pathfinder tool. Avoid raster embedding. When in lack of time, try to use quick trace to convert your image from raster to vector, most of the time solid colored images can be live traced and problem is solved, other times, let one of our guys put their hands on it.


(.psd, .jpg, .png, .gif) Avoid stretching out images and causing them to be pixelated. Raster files need to be CREATED in 300dpi or they are generally too low of quality to print reliably. Simply put, when images are done incorrectly and then stretched, they become more incorrect. When we say we need higher resolution images, we mean we need HIGH DEFINITION IMAGES not small images from Google, scaled up for printing. This does not make the file any better! 72 DPI images simply don’t work for our print shop. Contact our live chat support for more information on how to make your art work print ready and come alive on your wildest t shirt ideas!


When working in photoshop begin with the exact image size of the image you are looking to print with your settings at 300 to 600 DPI. After setting this, there no need for you scale the image up or down. This simple task makes everything easier when it comes to our print shop. Design on a transparent background and the rest is history.
Avoid merging your image with the background, we ask you to be careful with this as it can make it difficult for us to work with. To avoid this, make the file on a transparent background that can be set using the “New File” option on the top left.

When working with layers it makes it easier for us to separate colors and make your prints come to life. We are addicted to printing, so feed our addiction with your toughest jobs!